CSN - July 1, 2013 - Munich, Germany { 161 images } Created 12 Aug 2013

After Berlin, the tour went on to Hamburg. However, being as illiterate as one can possibly be, I had booked an extra night in Berlin thinking CSN was doing two nights in that city. I was lucky because a friend of mine had flown over from the UK and gave me a great tour of the city. Munich, is a beautiful city, almost fairylandish, but on must realize that as much as everything looks old, most of the city can't be much more than 70-yaers old. Don't forget that World War II leveled that city. The Tollwood Festival was great. There were hundreds of booths selling local crafts and, in difference from most craft fairs, these were really local craftsmen and there goods were absolutely ones of a kind. The show was, of course, sold out and rockin'!
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